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Miniature Human Brains Grow for Months When Implanted in Mice Skulls (April 16)

Cancer Surgery Can Awaken Tumor Cells, But in Mice a Cheap Pill Stops Metastasis (April 11) 

Scientists Are Thinking the Unthinkable: CRISPR Might One Day Reverse Devastating Brain Diseases (April 9)

New Alcohol-Advertising Research Stopped With NIH Branch Director's Arrival (April 4)

The Code is a 3-Part Video Series Investigating the Roots of Today's Most Promising Genetic Technologies (April 2)

NIH Rejected a Study of Alcohol Advertising While Pursuing Industry Funding for Other Research (April 1)

CAR-T is a Personalized Attack on Cancer. Here's How It Works (March 29)

Sequencing Patients' Genomes Might Not Break the Health-Care Bank, Study Finds (March 22)

A Dietary Supplement Makes Old Mice Youthful. But Will It Work In People? (March 22)

Stealth Biotech Arbor Steps Out of the Shadows, Announcing It's Found a New CRISPR Enzyme (March 15)

Columbia's Dismissal of Prominent Neuroscientist Prompts Demand for Answers (March 12)

Controversial Study Challenges Scientific Consensus That Adult Brains Make New Neurons (March 7)

FDA Approves First Direct-to-Consumer Test for Breast Cancer Risk (March 6)

CRISPR 'Gone Wild' Has Made Stocks Swoon, But Studies Show How to Limit Off-Target Editing (March 5)

You Have Questions on Genome-Editing. We Have Answers (Webinar, with Adam Feuerstein, February 27)

With DNA from a Museum Specimen, Scientists Reconstruct the Genome of a Bird Extinct for 700 Years (February 27)

Matching DNA to a Diet Doesn't Work: 'We Didn't Even Come Close,' Researcher Says (February 20)

With New CRISPR Inventions, Its Pioneers Say, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (February 15)

Optogenetics 2.0: Brain Control Goes Wireless Via Light, Sound or a Drug (February 8)

With Startup, George Church Bets Cryptocurrency Will Boost Genome Sequencing (February 7) 

A CRISPR Trick in Blind Mice Points the Way to Possible Treatments of Inherited Diseases (February 2)

Heart Group Warns of Cardiovascular Risks After Treatment for Breast Cancer (February 1)

Hand-Held DNA Sequencer Closes Gaps in Human Genome, Challenges Industry Leader (January 29)

Brain Organoids as Repair Kits for Stroke Damage Inch Closer to Reality (January 25)

What Can We Learn From the Latest Alzheimer's Drug to Fail? (January 24)

In a Scientific First, Cloned Monkeys Are Born. Will They Accelerate Biomedical Research? (January 24) 

Too Good To Be True? Experts Clash on Whether Hitting the Gym Helps the Brain (January 19) 

Trump's Doctor Says He Has 'Incredible Genes.' Will They Keep Protecting His Health? (January 17)

Trump Administration Halts "Evidence-Based" Program That Evaluates Nehavioral Health Therapies (January 10) 

How to Determine Trump's Mental Fitness for Office? Experts Point to Reliable Cognitive Tests (January 9)

'Failed' Alzheimer's Drug Looks Better With Additional Analysis, Neurotrope Says (January 5)

Preliminary Study Hits that Genetically Modified T Cells Might Fight HIV (January 2)

Too Much Screening Has Misled Us About Real Cancer Risk Factors, Experts Say (January 1)