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Newest Form of CRISPR Corrects Genetic Disease in Viable Human Embryos, With Few Errors (August 20)

As Alzheimer's Drug Developers Give Up on Today's Patients, Where Is The Outrage? (August 15)

That Pathetic Alzheimer's Pipeline? It's Even Worse Than You Think (August 10) 

After 30 Years, An Immunotherapy to Rival CAR-T Finally Nears the Clinic (August 9)

Those CRISPR'd Human Embryos? We Got It Right, Scientists Insist, Rejecting Criticism (August 8)

Assembling Yeast Chromosomes Like LEGOs Has a Serious Goal: Safe Lab-Made Creatures (August 1)

Out of Prison, the "Father of Gene Therapy" Faces a Harsh Reality: A Tarnished Legacy and an Ankle Monitor (July 23) 

New Challenge Filed to CRISPR Patent Licensed by Editas Medicine (July 17) 

That CRISPR Study: In The Cold, Clear Light of Morning, Why It's Raising Concerns (July 17)

Potential DNA Damage From CRISPR Has Been "Seriously Underestimated," Study Finds (July 16)

CRISPR Makes Cancer Cells Turncoats That Attack Their Tumor, Mouse Study Finds (July 11)

Hope for Creaky Old Humans: Removing Aged Cells from Mice Can Restore Their Youth, Study Finds (July 9) 

Can Zapping People's Brains Reduce Violence? Controversial Study Sees Potential (July 2) 

Psychiatrists Call for Rollback of Policy Banning Discussion of Public Figures' Mental Health (June 28)

New Study Supports Long-Dismissed Idea: Herpes Viruses Could Play a Role in Alzheimers (June 21)

Controversial Researcher's Diabetes Vaccine Causes Improvement in Small Study (June 21)

Transcript: Live Chat, Last week in CRISPR — cancer, patents and a dip in the market (June 19)

Controversial NIH Study of 'Moderate Drinking' Will Be Terminated After Scathing Report (June 15) 

Why Reports about CRISPR'd Cells and Cancer Are Not Calamitous--But Shouldn't Be Ignored (June 15) 

The University of California Will Finally Be Granted Two CRISPR Patents (June 13)

Alcohol Study Failed to Seek FDA Approval, Possibly Violating Federal Rules (June 12)

A Serious New Hurdle for CRISPR: Edited Cells Might Cause Cancer, Find Two Studies (June 11) 

From One Breast Cancer Patient's Turnaround, Clues to a New Immunotherapy (June 4)

ASCO In 30 Seconds: Wall Street Speaks. Wall Street's Reaction and Patient-Reported Outcomes (June 4) 

ASCO In 30 Seconds: Biotech Battleground. Immunotherapy Controversy and Less is Just As Good (June 3)

Grail's Cancer Blood Test Shows 'Proof of Principle," But Challenges Remain (June 2) 

ASCO In 30 Seconds: A Clinical Trial That Keeps on Giving. 5-Year Keytruda Data & Winners and Losers (June 2) 

CRISPR Advances Are Coming Fast. Here's Your Guide (June 1)

ASC0 In 30 Seconds: And Now It Starts. So It Begins & The Best Health Care System (June 1) 

Schizophrenia 'Risk Genes' Are Not So Risky If the Mother's Pregnancy Was Healthy (May 28)

Scientific Luminaries Threw James Watson a Birthday Party Weeks Before Eric Lander's Widely Criticized Toast (May 17)

A Pencil, Not A Pair of Scissors: CRISPR Pioneers' New Company Bets on Base Editing to Cure Disease (May 14)

CAR-T is a Personalized Attack on Cancer. Here's How It Works (May 14)

For Cancer Immunotherapies, A Radioactive Crystal Ball Might Foretell Success or Failure (May 14) 

As Twitter Explodes, Eric Lander Apologizes for Toasting James Watson (May 14)

In 'Beautiful Brain," the Secrets of Neurons Emerge in Nobel-Winning Scientist's Ink-and-Pencil Drawings (May 3) 

As CRISPR Patent Fight Nears the Endgame, Where Are Settlement Talks? (May 2)

Genome 'Writers' Set Their First Goal: Recoding Human Cells to Resist Viruses (May 1)

'It's Going To Be Tough:' UC Berkeley Struggles to Find Sympathetic Court in CRISPR Patent Appeal (April 30)

All You Need to Know for Round 2 of the CRISPR Patent Fight (April 27)

Doudna's Latest CRISPR Company Debuts, Joining the Crowds in Diagnostics and Genome-Editing (April 26)

Miniature Human Brains Grow for Months When Implanted in Mice Skulls (April 16)

Cancer Surgery Can Awaken Tumor Cells, But in Mice a Cheap Pill Stops Metastasis (April 11) 

Scientists Are Thinking the Unthinkable: CRISPR Might One Day Reverse Devastating Brain Diseases (April 9)

New Alcohol-Advertising Research Stopped With NIH Branch Director's Arrival (April 4)

The Code is a 3-Part Video Series Investigating the Roots of Today's Most Promising Genetic Technologies (April 2)

NIH Rejected a Study of Alcohol Advertising While Pursuing Industry Funding for Other Research (April 1)

CAR-T is a Personalized Attack on Cancer. Here's How It Works (March 29)

Sequencing Patients' Genomes Might Not Break the Health-Care Bank, Study Finds (March 22)

A Dietary Supplement Makes Old Mice Youthful. But Will It Work In People? (March 22)

Stealth Biotech Arbor Steps Out of the Shadows, Announcing It's Found a New CRISPR Enzyme (March 15)

Columbia's Dismissal of Prominent Neuroscientist Prompts Demand for Answers (March 12)

Controversial Study Challenges Scientific Consensus That Adult Brains Make New Neurons (March 7)

FDA Approves First Direct-to-Consumer Test for Breast Cancer Risk (March 6)

CRISPR 'Gone Wild' Has Made Stocks Swoon, But Studies Show How to Limit Off-Target Editing (March 5)

You Have Questions on Genome-Editing. We Have Answers (Webinar, with Adam Feuerstein, February 27)

With DNA from a Museum Specimen, Scientists Reconstruct the Genome of a Bird Extinct for 700 Years (February 27)

Matching DNA to a Diet Doesn't Work: 'We Didn't Even Come Close,' Researcher Says (February 20)

With New CRISPR Inventions, Its Pioneers Say, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (February 15)

Optogenetics 2.0: Brain Control Goes Wireless Via Light, Sound or a Drug (February 8)

With Startup, George Church Bets Cryptocurrency Will Boost Genome Sequencing (February 7) 

A CRISPR Trick in Blind Mice Points the Way to Possible Treatments of Inherited Diseases (February 2)

Heart Group Warns of Cardiovascular Risks After Treatment for Breast Cancer (February 1)

Hand-Held DNA Sequencer Closes Gaps in Human Genome, Challenges Industry Leader (January 29)

Brain Organoids as Repair Kits for Stroke Damage Inch Closer to Reality (January 25)

What Can We Learn From the Latest Alzheimer's Drug to Fail? (January 24)

In a Scientific First, Cloned Monkeys Are Born. Will They Accelerate Biomedical Research? (January 24) 

Too Good To Be True? Experts Clash on Whether Hitting the Gym Helps the Brain (January 19) 

Trump's Doctor Says He Has 'Incredible Genes.' Will They Keep Protecting His Health? (January 17)

Trump Administration Halts "Evidence-Based" Program That Evaluates Nehavioral Health Therapies (January 10) 

How to Determine Trump's Mental Fitness for Office? Experts Point to Reliable Cognitive Tests (January 9)

'Failed' Alzheimer's Drug Looks Better With Additional Analysis, Neurotrope Says (January 5)

Preliminary Study Hits that Genetically Modified T Cells Might Fight HIV (January 2)

Too Much Screening Has Misled Us About Real Cancer Risk Factors, Experts Say (January 1)