Speeches and Appearances


(Planned) February 12. Moderator, Panel Discussion "On Death and Dying," Bostom University School of Public Health


November 2, Women Scientists and the Media, Rosalind Franklin Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

October 13: Preprints: To Cover or Not To Cover? National Association of Science Writers Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

October 9, Moderator, CRISPR: From Lab to Clinic. HubWeek, Boston, MA.

October 4: Nobel Snubs, Millenial Founders and a New Kind of Lightning Round, STAT Podcast, Boston

June 2: Panelist, Covering Cancer: Perspectives from the Media. American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Chicago

February 28: Panel Moderator, Heart and Brain Disease in Women: Sex and Gender Connections. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health  


February 4: Precision Medicine - The Quantified Self: Genomics, Personal Informatics, and Precision Medicine. Panel Moderator, Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference

April 27: The Future of Genomics in Healthcare and Forensics: panel moderator, U.S. House of Representatives briefing

November 30: Covering Science in the Age of Trump, Northeastern University, School of Journalism, Boston


January 30: Moderator, Panel on "Empowering the Consumer: Evaluating Personalized Medicine Choices." Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference.

April 8: Moderator, Panel on Precision Medicine: Getting Beyond The Hype, Annual Meeting of the Association of Health Care Journalists, Cleveland.

April 15: Moderator, Panel on Drug Trials: Challenges for Alzheimer's and Other Urgent Needs, The Forum, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard.

September 15: Discussant, Narrating Science, WBUR Radio, Boston.

September 21: Speaker, Why Science Journalism Isn't Science, Computational Health Informatics Program Retreat, Gloucester, MA

September 30: Moderator, Panel on Ageless Aging, Harvard Stem Cell Institute Hub Week Event, Cambridge, MA

October 26: Speaker, Gene Editing: The CRISPR Revolution, Leadership Legacy Experience Conference, University of CT, Storrs


December 11: Moderator, Panel on "Medical Tests: Inaccuracies, Risks and the Public's Health." The Forum, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

October 9: Panelist, MedTech Boston Conference. HubWeek: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Life Sciences.

February: Association of Medical School Neuroscience Department Chairpersons; speech on 'Why Science Journalism Is Not Science--and How to Work with Reporters Despite That'


July 29: Self-Taught Genius, American Folk Art Museum, NYC; panel moderator

May 22: Internet Week NYC: Live Longer and Better: The Data-Informed Consumer, panel moderator

April 30: Milken Institute Global Conference: Healthy Savings and the Economy: Age, Choice and Lifestyle, panel moderator


November; Science journalism: Columbia Journalism School, NYC

October: Science journalism is not science: Society for Medical Decision Making, Baltimore, MD

April: In conversation with Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, at Harvard School of Public Health. Boston, Mass.

April: The Emotional Life of Your Brain; at Sinai Free Synagogue, Mount Vernon, N.Y.


December: Plenary speaker at "Evidence-based Guidelines Affecting Policy, Practice and Stakeholders" at New York Academy of Medicine; on how and why the press covers guidelines

November: Moderator, "Health Care: Will the Costs Kill Us?" at Politics Aside, RAND

August: Moderator, New America Foundation panel discussion on health care, at screening of Escape Fire.

April: Milken Global Conference. Moderator: Weight of the World--Strategies to Fight the Global Obesity Epidemic
March 22: The Nature of Things lecture series, Natural History Museum of Utah: http://www.newsdesk.nhmu.utah.edu/?q=events/nature-things-sharon-begley

March 14:
The Diane Rehm Show, on The Emotional Life of Your Brain: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2012-03-14/richard-davidson-sharon-begley-emotional-life-your-brain

March 12: The Charlie Rose Show, on The Emotional Life of Your Brain: http://www.charlierose.com/guest/view/2234

March 5: The Brian Lehrer Show,
on The Emotional Life of Your Brain:

February: The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health: Bird Flu Research--Dangerous Information on a Deadly Virus

January: American Federation for Aging Research/AARP: Communicating medical research

September: AARP Life@50+; Bilingualism and Cognition

August: Controversies in Breast Cancer Research; moderator, Era of Hope Conference

June: Approaching National Media; College Media Conference, panelist

May: The War on Cancer: The Press as Frenemy; National Breast Cancer Coalition, panelist

April: Regenerative Medicine Academy, moderator

February: Nuclear START and Nuclear Winter, annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, discussant


The Packer School, Brooklyn, NY: The Mind's Brain

Senior Executive Service Speaker Series, U.S. Department of Commerce: Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain:
How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves

Translational Medical Alliance Forum, the Kauffman Foundation, moderator: Translating Basic Research

University of California, Davis: The Neuropaparazzi: Why The Press Loves Neuroimaging

TEDx Conference, Istanbul: The Limits of Tolerance

Texas Association of School Administrators: A Whole New Brain

College Media Conference, Keith Moore Associations: What Magazines Look for in Science Stories

Arizona State University, Workshop on Science Writing

Yale University: Science Journalism in an Irrational World

The Woman’s Club of Richmond, Va.: The Mind’s Brain

Savannah Country Day School: The Mind’s Brain

Atlanta Public Schools: Hardwired? Think Again: The New Science of Neuroplasticity

The Amazing Meeting (James Randi): Creationism and Other Weird Beliefs: The Role of the Press

North Carolina State University: Birds, Brains and Biology: Writing About Science

Moderator, Discussion of the Life of Albert Einstein, with Walter Isaacson, National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare: Neuroplasticity

Integris Baptist Medical Center: The Mind’s Brain

The Aspen Institute Health Forum. Moderator, Genetics of Health Care

Franklin & Marshall College: Creationism, Evolution, and the Role of the Press

Society for Neuroscience: Neuroscience and the Press

American Association for the Advancement of Science: Why Science Journalism is Not Science