Speeches and Appearances


February 14: Remarks on receiving the AAAS-Kavli Award for science journalism; online category. At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Seattle 

January 30: Panel Member: Confonting CRISPR: Scientific, Legal, Ethical and Social Issues On the Path Forward. Unoversity of Maryland, Baltimore


Nov 21: In Conversation With Dr. James Wilson on the Past and Future of Gene Therapy, STAT Summit, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Oct. 26-27: Discussant, Public Participation in Human Germline Editing Governance; University of California, Berkeley

Oct. 25: Panel moderator, Making the Cut: Promises and Challenges of Gene Editing, at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Oct. 3: Fireside chat with producer Elliot Kirschner, screening of 'Human Nature' at GlobeDocs film festival

Sept. 13: Innovation and Therapeutic Discovery, panel moderator; Technology and Rare Neurological Diseases Symposium, University of Rochester

Sept. 11: Conte Center for Brain Science, Harvard University, annual retreat. Closing address: Observations of an Outsider 

August 15: "Science Journalism in a Post-Truth Era." Harvard Science, Technology, Society summer program

April 11: CRISPR. New York Hall of Science. Panel moderator.

March 28: CRISPR Enters the Clinic; STAT Plus evening at the Broad Institute. Panel moderator.

February 12: Moderator, Panel Discussion "On Death and Dying," Boston University School of Public Health


November 2, Women Scientists and the Media, Rosalind Franklin Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

October 13: Preprints: To Cover or Not To Cover? National Association of Science Writers Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

October 9, Moderator, CRISPR: From Lab to Clinic. HubWeek, Boston, MA.

October 4: Nobel Snubs, Millenial Founders and a New Kind of Lightning Round, STAT Podcast, Boston

June 2: Panelist, Covering Cancer: Perspectives from the Media. American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Chicago

February 28: Panel Moderator, Heart and Brain Disease in Women: Sex and Gender Connections. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health  


February 4: Precision Medicine - The Quantified Self: Genomics, Personal Informatics, and Precision Medicine. Panel Moderator, Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference

April 27: The Future of Genomics in Healthcare and Forensics: panel moderator, U.S. House of Representatives briefing

November 30: Covering Science in the Age of Trump, Northeastern University, School of Journalism, Boston


January 30: Moderator, Panel on "Empowering the Consumer: Evaluating Personalized Medicine Choices." Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference.

April 8: Moderator, Panel on Precision Medicine: Getting Beyond The Hype, Annual Meeting of the Association of Health Care Journalists, Cleveland.

April 15: Moderator, Panel on Drug Trials: Challenges for Alzheimer's and Other Urgent Needs, The Forum, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard.

September 15: Discussant, Narrating Science, WBUR Radio, Boston.

September 21: Speaker, Why Science Journalism Isn't Science, Computational Health Informatics Program Retreat, Gloucester, MA

September 30: Moderator, Panel on Ageless Aging, Harvard Stem Cell Institute Hub Week Event, Cambridge, MA

October 26: Speaker, Gene Editing: The CRISPR Revolution, Leadership Legacy Experience Conference, University of CT, Storrs


December 11: Moderator, Panel on "Medical Tests: Inaccuracies, Risks and the Public's Health." The Forum, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

October 9: Panelist, MedTech Boston Conference. HubWeek: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Life Sciences.

February: Association of Medical School Neuroscience Department Chairpersons; speech on 'Why Science Journalism Is Not Science--and How to Work with Reporters Despite That'


July 29: Self-Taught Genius, American Folk Art Museum, NYC; panel moderator

May 22: Internet Week NYC: Live Longer and Better: The Data-Informed Consumer, panel moderator

April 30: Milken Institute Global Conference: Healthy Savings and the Economy: Age, Choice and Lifestyle, panel moderator


November; Science journalism: Columbia Journalism School, NYC

October: Science journalism is not science: Society for Medical Decision Making, Baltimore, MD

April: In conversation with Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, at Harvard School of Public Health. Boston, Mass.

April: The Emotional Life of Your Brain; at Sinai Free Synagogue, Mount Vernon, N.Y.


December: Plenary speaker at "Evidence-based Guidelines Affecting Policy, Practice and Stakeholders" at New York Academy of Medicine; on how and why the press covers guidelines

November: Moderator, "Health Care: Will the Costs Kill Us?" at Politics Aside, RAND

August: Moderator, New America Foundation panel discussion on health care, at screening of Escape Fire.

April: Milken Global Conference. Moderator: Weight of the World--Strategies to Fight the Global Obesity Epidemic
March 22: The Nature of Things lecture series, Natural History Museum of Utah: http://www.newsdesk.nhmu.utah.edu/?q=events/nature-things-sharon-begley

March 14:
The Diane Rehm Show, on The Emotional Life of Your Brain: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2012-03-14/richard-davidson-sharon-begley-emotional-life-your-brain

March 12: The Charlie Rose Show, on The Emotional Life of Your Brain: http://www.charlierose.com/guest/view/2234

March 5: The Brian Lehrer Show,
on The Emotional Life of Your Brain:

February: The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health: Bird Flu Research--Dangerous Information on a Deadly Virus

January: American Federation for Aging Research/AARP: Communicating medical research

September: AARP Life@50+; Bilingualism and Cognition

August: Controversies in Breast Cancer Research; moderator, Era of Hope Conference

June: Approaching National Media; College Media Conference, panelist

May: The War on Cancer: The Press as Frenemy; National Breast Cancer Coalition, panelist

April: Regenerative Medicine Academy, moderator

February: Nuclear START and Nuclear Winter, annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, discussant


The Packer School, Brooklyn, NY: The Mind's Brain

Senior Executive Service Speaker Series, U.S. Department of Commerce: Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain:
How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves

Translational Medical Alliance Forum, the Kauffman Foundation, moderator: Translating Basic Research

University of California, Davis: The Neuropaparazzi: Why The Press Loves Neuroimaging

TEDx Conference, Istanbul: The Limits of Tolerance

Texas Association of School Administrators: A Whole New Brain

College Media Conference, Keith Moore Associations: What Magazines Look for in Science Stories

Arizona State University, Workshop on Science Writing

Yale University: Science Journalism in an Irrational World

The Woman’s Club of Richmond, Va.: The Mind’s Brain

Savannah Country Day School: The Mind’s Brain

Atlanta Public Schools: Hardwired? Think Again: The New Science of Neuroplasticity

The Amazing Meeting (James Randi): Creationism and Other Weird Beliefs: The Role of the Press

North Carolina State University: Birds, Brains and Biology: Writing About Science

Moderator, Discussion of the Life of Albert Einstein, with Walter Isaacson, National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare: Neuroplasticity

Integris Baptist Medical Center: The Mind’s Brain

The Aspen Institute Health Forum. Moderator, Genetics of Health Care

Franklin & Marshall College: Creationism, Evolution, and the Role of the Press

Society for Neuroscience: Neuroscience and the Press

American Association for the Advancement of Science: Why Science Journalism is Not Science