What to Do When the Dust Settles

Cleanliness, the saying goes, is next to godliness. For Megan Miller it's next to nothing. For 30 years, she's cleaned for celebs such as Perry Ellis - and now PERI. Miller put the latest in high-tech dusters to the test. Her conclusion: "They're wimpy."

Dust collectors: 'A lot of the stuff doesn't come off when you beat it,' Miller says. And the bristles on these $10 magnetic dusters are 'too flexible.' Try wetting a 49-cent paintbrush.

Ragtime: A low-tech swatch of terry cloth cleans best, straight from the washing machine.

Electric company: These $10 to $16 gadgets work best on TVs and walls. Miller says to go with the 'Swiffer': its disposable cloths are 'textured' and 'better for grabbing.'

Lamb's wool leverage: At $50, you might want to wear Williams-Sonoma's Australian merino piece. Use it on your curtain rods instead.

Sweepa: Ad: $26 rubber broom 'sweeps, scrubs, squeegees.' Miller: 'It works great as an ice scraper.