Will Jordan Can the Eye Candy?

When your team is struggling, the cliche goes, you fire the coach, not the players. But if you're Washington Wizards boss Michael Jordan, you fire the cheerleaders too. Two weeks ago Jordan canned coach Gar Heard. Now, sources close to His Airness tell NEWSWEEK, M.J. is itching to oust the notoriously awful Wizards dancers. "Getting the right players is hard," Jordan grumbled at a recent game, one team executive recalls. "Finding cheerleaders who can count on time shouldn't be." The girls expect the ax to fall. Says one: "They fired Gar after a big win. They'll probably fire us after one of our better performances." That could take a while. The dancers, paid about $50 a game, are known around the NBA for their sloppy execution. Of course, so are the Wizards players.