Win a Million!

It looks simple enough: you know the answer or you don't. But experts see room for a few inside tricks--enough to give the insurers of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" a real reason to panic. A PERI how-to:

1. Most players are too conservative, says Yale game theorist Barry Nalebuff, Ph.D. After you've won, say, $8,000, your reward for nailing the next question isn't just $16,000, but also the chance to keep playing for a million. His advice: guess more.

2. If you plan to use the audience lifeline (which usually gives the correct answer on pop-culture questions), pipe down a bit. Sharing your thought process aloud can lead them astray, says Leah Furman, co-author of "So You'd Like to Win a Million."

3. Don't get rattled when Regis raises that eyebrow and asks if you've given your Final Answer. He can't see the answer until you've said yes. If he sounds skeptical, he's faking it.

4. Wear something warm. The studio is really cold.